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BLUISH is about resilience. We're a tulle shop for women, moms and babies.

It all started with giving birth to my baby girl. She was born almost 7 pounds and oh. so. cute. I wanted to play dress up with her and enjoy every drop of being a new mom. But have you heard of the baby blues? The pains of breastfeeding, loose joints, a body that I didn't know, and wrestling with a new identity that I wasn't sure I loved - they all got to me.

So all the more I wanted to bring some cheer. Our tutus had to be comfortable, easy to wear, and very well made. With this, I got down to work and started BLUISH. And that was when I grew out of the blues and became blu-ish.

You may have seen us in retailers across Canada, in Vogue magazine, or on Dragons' Den with Arlene Dickinson. Thank you so much for visiting our shop today to learn more about us. I hope we'll get to meet in person soon.

Please stay in touch! I hope you join our list :)

xo, Sarah


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