Pointy ear bunny

10 fun facts about Easter and bunnies:

+ Rabbits, bunnies and eggs symbolize new life. Rabbits usually breed a big litter of babies. And according to some, this is how rabbits, bunnies and eggs are tied to Easter.

+ However, rabbits do not lay eggs! They are pregnant for about 4 weeks and give birth to about 12 babies at a time.

+ Floppy ear bunnies are also known as lops. Rabbits don't naturally have floppy ears. This is a feature that has been bred into bunnies. Lops have relatively more health issues than pointy ear bunnies.

+ The link between the rabbit and Easter may have Pagan roots, passed down from the Pagan festival of Eostre. According to some, Eostre was a great goddess whose symbol was a rabbit. And the festival along with its festivities, like celebrating with cards, gifts and novelty items, has been passed down because it still works.

+ The Bible makes no mention of the rabbit in the New Testament where the resurrection of Jesus Christ is documented.

+ In today's culture, some associate rabbits, bunnies and eggs to new life, which symbolizes Easter, which loosely echos the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the new life sprung from this act.

+ Lilies are another recent symbol that has been widely adopted, as dormant bulbs typically blossom around this time of year symbolizing hope and rebirth.

+ Along with meanings of new life and rebirth, Easter also symbolizes fertility in some cultures.

+ Easter is a close competitor with Halloween when it comes to candy sales. How does chocolate tie in with the theme of new life? Well, they're moulded into shapes of rabbits, bunnies and eggs.

+ In the old days though, the soft pretzel was the snack of choice for celebrating Easter. According to some, this was because the twisted pattern resembled folded hands in prayer.


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