Bunny story


This is a story of a little bunny and friends who didn't give up.

A long time ago in a far away meadow, there lived a little bunny with very long ears. The little bunny's ears often got in the way. Hoppity-hop. Hoppity-blip. Hoppity-boop. Hoppity-splat. And just like that, the little bunny often fell face flat.

Bunny friends were kind but they wanted to play, quickly hiding and hopping out far far away. Little bunny was slow and couldn't keep up. And the bunny friends thought, there must be a way!

One day the bunny friends came back from their adventure. They brought back with them some kind of treasure. "It's pampas grass!" they squealed in utter excitement. Little bunny grinned and thought, they brought back a piece of their fun.

And then a twist and a tie, the bunny friends were done. The grass tangled around and wrapped little bunny's ears into a bun. And off they went! Hoppity-hop. Hoppity-hop. Hoppity-hop. Happily ever after.

Written by Sarah. Copyright.

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