Simple good fun

+ Build a cardboard rocket ship - Use an old cardboard box (or several) and stack them on top of each other to make a tower. Cut a window. Decorate as you wish! Why a rocket? Because it can be small and just needs to fit your little one!

+ Picnic at sunset - Or make it outdoor story time before bed.

+ Lawn bowling - Set up little 'gates' on your lawn with pipe cleaners or wire and roll the balls aimed at going through these gates.

+ Scavenger hunt - It's not just for Easter!

+ Find an old treasure in the basement - Make use of things you already have and learn that old things can be lovely, too!

+ Go on a walk and collect rocks - And ask the little one to describe each one he/she picks. Collecting (anything) is fun for kids!

+ Crazy hair day - Exactly how it sounds. Go crazy with your hair and get a good laugh (even better if it's been a while since it was cut).

+ Play “What's on my butt?” - Lie down on your stomach and have the little ones rub objects on your bum, and you guess what the object is!

+ Sound charades - Imitate the sound that something makes (for example, a leaf blower) and have others guess what that something is!

+ Cool off with fruit ice - Freeze berries and water in an ice tray, enjoy how pretty it looks, then drop them in your favourite juice or water (bubbly water makes it extra pretty).


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