Here are some quick tips on how to care for your tulle skirt.

Is it wrinkled?

When you first receive your package, your tulle skirt will be neatly folded in a box. Because of the compression inside the box, the tulle skirt may appear very wrinkled and out of shape when you first remove it from the box. Nothing a bit of steam won't fix! Simply steam your tulle skirt to remove the wrinkles and it will spring back to life. Do not iron! The direct heat will burn the tulle beyond repair.

Is it stained?

Spot clean your tulle skirt with warm water and soap. Our tulle is made with polyester, which gives it a smooth finish and a delicate sheen. Although it looks brittle, it can take a scrub! Gently buff the stain layer by layer with a warm towel and soap water against a hard surface, until the stain is removed as much as possible.

Does it need a wash?

We recommend to hand wash and hang to dry. Soak the tulle skirt in warm soapy water and then rinse in cold water. If you must use the washing machine, consider using a laundry bag during wash.

How to store it?

We recommend letting it hang. Gravity will do its magic and smooth out the skirt naturally until you're ready to wear it again. If you find it's taking up too much room, try flipping it inside out, fold it neatly into a storage bag (like the Carry Bag we offer), and then store it away.


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